in DARMSTADT there's
a garden...

There is a beautiful park in Darmstadt – the Orangerie.
In these baroque gardens – originating in the early 18th century and since then location of several gardening exhibitions -
there is situated a restaurant with the same name.

The top address
for connoisseur
and friends of first
class Italian
and international cuisine.

This gastronomic jewel was created by Orlando and Pasquale Carroccia,
two brothers from Lenola, a small ancient village in the province of Latina,
between Rome and Naples.

Right beside the historical orangery building
and in the midst of flowers, herbaceous borders,
palms, and orange trees a Mediterranian style of cooking
and perfect hospitality is cultivated with devotion.

The Ristorante L'Orangerie is equipped with 140 seats in the Restaurant and another 140 on the garden terrace.
The premises, styled in an equally elegant and modest way, provide a classy atmosphere. It is the ideal location for demanding events, formal as well as private ones like business events, birthday parties, wedding feasts etc. For aficionados of cigars we offer a great selection of excellent Cuban Vitolas in our summer smoking lounge. The ground-level restaurant is handicapped-suited and offers appropriate parking right in front of the entrance.
Dogs are allowed.

Italians know
how to take care
of customers.

For this reason, if you prefer a tailor made service or if you want to have something special for your guests,Orangerie helps you create a unique event with its catering service, the buffet, the flying-dinner or the cooking show. All the experience of the Orangerie's team at your home, or wherever you want.

The roots of the excellent cooking lie
in the best Italian gastronomic tradition.

The diversity and richness of flavours, the creativity, and balance characterize our dishes, which are always produced with fresh ingredients. Thus we remain true to this long tradition. International influences and new developments of modern cooking are adopted by our traditional cuisine and processed into new, extremely refined variations in flavour. Our flexibility enables us to offer also the optimum for vegetarians or for guests with special needs. The menu of the day changes regularly. The same happens to the wine list specifying notable Italian, German, and international wines.

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Jean-Claude Juncker
President of the European Parliament since 2014.
Henry Kissinger
US American diplomat and political scientist. Nobel Prize for Peace in '73.
Pierre Brice
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Helmut Markwort
German jounalist. From 1993-2010 Editor- in-Chief of the newsmagazine Focus.
Gerhard Schröder
German politician and Chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005
Axel Alfred Weber
Axel Alfred Weber is a German economist, professor and banker. He is a board member and chairman of the board of UBS.
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Arnaldo Pomodoro
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Raimund Fellinger
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(Deutsch) Sir Tony Cragg, eigentlich Anthony Douglas Cragg ist ein englischer bildender Künstler. Bis Ende Juli 2013 war Cragg Rektor der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.
Xavier Naidoo
(Deutsch) Xavier Kurt Naidoo ist ein deutscher Soul- und R&B-Sänger. Er ist Gründungsmitglied der deutschen Musikgruppe Söhne Mannheims und ehemaliger Dozent an der Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. Er ist auch als Solokünstler erfolgreich.

L'Orangerie GmbH
Bessunger Str. 44
64285 Darmstadt
Phone 00 49 6151-3966446
Fax 00 49 6151-3966447

Geschäftsführer Orlando Carroccia
Amtsgericht Darmstadt HRB 8580
USt-ID-Nr. DE 813 488 330
Steuer-Nr. 007 238 14844

Welcome to L'Orangerie –
just 30 km from Frankfurt and Frankfurt airport.

Opening hours of the kitchen: daily 12 – 14 and 18 – 22 o'clock.

work with us

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